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You can return the product within 14 days of purchase.


You can return the product within 14 days of purchase.

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Beto - 12 1mg / ml ( Cyanocobalamin ) Intramascular Injection 2 ampoules

Each one ml.amp.contains Cyanocobalamin tannin complex equivalent to 1 mg. Cyanocobalamin.

Pharmaceutical Form:
Ampoule form.

Indications And Usage:
Muscle weakness and fatigue
Diabetic neuropathy
Neuromuscular incoordination
Partial or total gastrectomy
Patients with long recumbence

Contraindications:History of hypersensitivity to cyanocobalamin or other cobalamins.

Adverse Reactions:Are extremely rare, in the form of mild hypersensitivity reactions.

Dosage & Administration:One ampoule Beto-12® I.M. every week up to 4 weeks. Then one ampoule every one month or as directed by the physician.

How Supplied:Packs of 2 ampoules

Pregnancy & Lactation:Pregnancy and lactation:
In the recommended dosage there is no risk on the fetus or the breast-fed child.

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